At SilverBow Resources, we Lead the Way through our commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships with and within our communities. We believe that trust must be earned, not given; and we pledge to earn our community’s trust before asking for its support. We lead by example, investing our time through volunteering our resources through community programming, charitable contributions and environmental stewardship, and investing in people through job creation, employee education and training.

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As community leaders, we recognize that we have a responsibility to give back, and we strive to do so in meaningful ways beyond providing economic benefits and job creation. SBOW Cares is the philanthropic arm of the Company and a way for SilverBow and our employees to further contribute to, and have a deeper impact on, the communities in which we operate.

SBOW Cares has been our Company’s link to nearby communities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although our employees and management are eager to volunteer, SilverBow is committed to flattening the curve and has instead focused on deploying financial assistance to those most at risk and in need. To name just a few, contributions from our employees and the Company have gone to Kids’ Meals and local school districts and food banks serving areas in which SilverBow operates. SBOW Cares sponsored a Company-wide Food Bank Donation Matching Challenge benefitting Houston Food Bank, South Texas Food Bank, and Coastal Bend Food Bank.

More recently in 2021, SBOW Cares supported several organizations following the winter storms in Texas, last February donating over $35,000 to the local communities affected. SilverBow and our employees provided disaster relief assistance to Kids’ Meals, Memorial Assistance Ministries, Houston Food Bank, South Texas Food Bank, Coastal Bend Food Bank and families and individuals in need. Throughout the year and as a teambuilding event, our employees also organized a “Canstruction” challenge, where we collected over 3,800 items of food and contributed $5,000 to both the Houston Food Bank and the San Antonio Food Bank through a Company match.

This past holiday season, SBOW Cares brought cheer to children and families in need by giving to the community organizations such as Live Oak/McMullen County Child Welfare Board, Ronald McDonald House Houston, Toys for Tots-Beeville, Yes Prep – Northbrook High School students and families and more, and encouraged our employees to give as well. SBOW Cares concluded 2021 by giving $75 HEB gift cards and SilverBow blankets to soldiers serving in the 172nd Battalion.

As an independent oil and gas Company, we recognize that we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to integrate health, safety, and environmental management processes into all our work activities. We continually emphasize to all of our employees, as well as all our contractors, that we must meet our operational and financial objectives without endangering the environment or the health and safety of those around us. In order to meet this goal effectively, we emphasize prevention rather than merely responding to problems after they occur, and we seek to continuously improve our processes so that health, safety, and the environment remain among our highest priorities.

One of the core tenants of SilverBow’s corporate culture is based on operating as One Team. This principal is fortified by specific action items that SilverBow has committed to take, such as recognizing and rewarding strong performance, fulfilling expectations and obligations and valuing the contributions and collaborations of others. Becoming One Team starts internally, with SilverBow’s commitment to providing rewarding opportunities for employees, continued investment in employee education and training, and helping employees realize their individual goals. We align our training programs with the technical and business skills that enable our employees to become more productive and competitive within the ever-changing oil and gas industry. Throughout the years, we have supported our employees in obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees, including certifications in technical, administrative, business and financial disciplines.

The One Team principal also encompasses the communities in which we live, work, and operate and poses the expectation that SilverBow, our employees and business partners, will contribute to and collaborate with those communities. As an effort to integrate SilverBow with its surrounding areas, the Company intentionally designed SBOW Cares to be dependent on the suggestions and participation of our employees. After an incredible response, SBOW Cares grew its reach by immeasurable standards, and began participating in initiatives such as the Eric Suhl Foundation Golf Tournament and Headstrong, supporting military veterans and their families.

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The SBOWay acts as the compass in SilverBow’s decision-making process, with true north pointing towards fulfilling the Company’s vision of driving value creation for the benefit all stakeholders. Each of the five principles of the SBOWay is one layer of the foundation of the Company’s corporate culture, one of many aspects that sets SilverBow apart from its Eagle Ford peers.