Health, Safety & Environment
SilverBow Resources is committed to a safe workplace, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence. We recognize the importance of integrating health, safety, and environmental management processes into all of our work activities.
We will execute our responsibilities openly and honestly with respect for all stakeholders. All employees and contractors are encouraged to take pride in and responsibility for ensuring that all activities and operations of SilverBow are performed without endangering the environment or the health and safety of those around us.
SilverBow Resources requires its employees to meet the following HSE objectives:
A safe and healthy workplace
Protection of the environment
Prevention rather than response
Performance that meets statutory and regulatory requirements
Continuous performance improvement
Each employee's commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence is central to achieving our HSE objectives
Excellence in HSE performance is fundamental to SilverBow Resources' success and will be achieved by:
Pursuing a goal of no harm to people
Setting and measuring performance standards
Promoting good work practices through effective procedures and training
Identifying and eliminating, isolating, or minimizing workplace hazards and adverse environmental effects
Implementing effective emergency response planning and training
Recognizing responsibilities and accountabilities for HSE performance
Integrating employee and contractor feedback in the continuous improvement of HSE systems and procedures
Reporting and reviewing all events (including near misses) and conducting investigations as required to prevent recurrence of similar or more serious incidents
Promoting a culture in which all employees of SilverBow Resources share this HSE commitment
Selecting contractors and monitoring their performance to ensure alignment with these HSE objectives