Division Order Instructions

Division Order Instructions

To All Interest Owners:

SilverBow Resources Operating, LLC
Attn: Division Order Department
920 Memorial City Way, Suite 850,
Houston, Texas 77024
Email: owners@sbow.com
Owner Relations No. 281.874.2606

Sign exactly as shown on the Division Order or Transfer Order. If joint ownership, all owners must sign.

Signature by Agents, Attorneys-in-Fact, Guardians, or Trustees must be verified by attaching evidence of the rights vested in the signatory party.

Include the correct Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number in the space provided below your signature. Federal income tax law states 28% of proceeds must be withheld if not provided.

SilverBow is pleased to offer electronic deposit. To enroll, fill out the enclosed form and return.

If you have any questions and do not know your area representative, contact the Owner Relations Department at 281.874.2606 or email to owners@sbow.com. Please provide the following information which will assist us in serving you.

1. Owner number
2. County and state where well is located
3. Well name and/or property number
4. Telephone number with AREA CODE
5. Reason for the call

  • Address Changes must be submitted in writing to the above address or email to owners@sbow.com. Provide your owner number, social security number, old address, new address, and telephone number.

  • Name/Ownership Changes must be submitted in writing to the above address. Please include copies of proper documentation confirming the changes such as a: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Certificate of Merger, Deed, Will, Assignment, etc.

Revenue checks not received, stale dated or misplaced, contact the Owner Relations Department.

NOTE: Funds will be replaced during our regular settlement cycle within the next 6 to 8 weeks.

NOTE: Documents which convey interest must be recorded in the county in which the property is located prior to sending them to our office.