What sets SilverBow Resources apart from the rest is our quality assets, exceptional people and a strong capital structure. We have fostered a culture designed to harness the full potential of our individual building blocks. We call it the SBOWay.

SBOWay is built on five principles:

One Team

We operate as one team that recognizes the value of each individual's contributions by:

  • Fulfilling expectations and obligations
  • Providing respectful, open, and constructive feedback
  • Valuing others, contributions and collaborations
  • Recognizing and rewarding strong performance

Unleash Potential

We empower our members to be purposeful and passionate to unleash potential by:

  • Creating a high energy and enjoyable work environment
  • Empowering employees to make decisions
  • learning and continuously developing ourselves and others
  • Being purposeful and passionate in all you do

Drive Value

We drive value by:

  • Executing our strategy
  • Optimizing returns while acting responsible
  • Taking intelligent business risks
  • Thinking Big and innovate

Lead The Way

We lead the way by staying active in our communities by:

  • Building trust
  • Actively Seeking diverse perspectives and inspiring change
  • Admitting mistakes and being accountable
  • Making a difference in our communities

Safety Strong

We stay safety strong in everything we do to keep our SilverBow family and communities in which we operate safe by:

  • Creating a safe and healthy work environment
  • Making safety a habit
  • Utilizing Stop Work authority
  • Being each others’ keeper
By using the SBOWay as our compass in our decision-making process, we continue to take measured steps to fulfill the Company's vision and help our employees reach their full potential